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The Governor Of The Cayman Islands

Mrs. Jane Owens

Jane Owen was appointed Governor to the Cayman Islands in April 2023. Jane was educated at Ellerslie School in Malvern, and Trinity College, Cambridge (BA Hons in Russian, French and German). She was born in Bilston in the West Midlands. Jane married David Donnelly in 1998. He died in 2017. They have two children, Phoebe (aged 23) and James (aged 21).


Local Organisations

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) is a single, national police service with a unified command structure.  It is an unarmed service, with an armed response capability, that is mandated by statute to deliver the full range of police services across the Cayman Islands and its territorial waters.

The Police Commission assists in ensuring that the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) is a productive and cutting-edge law enforcement agency given its responsibility to the Cayman Islands.


The Office of the Ombudsman was established when the Ombudsman Law came into effect on 13 September 2017. The office investigates complaints about government services and police misconduct and decide appeals dealing with requests for government records.

The Office of the Ombudsman can assist with: 

  • Investigating complaints about police misconduct
  • Resolving complaints about government decisions and unfair treatment by government
  • Accepting protected disclosures from whistleblowers
  • Ensuring information rights and government transparency
  • Investigating notifications of data breaches and individual complaints about unlawful use of personal data


Meetings are not open to the public, however, minutes of the meetings are posted to our website once confirmed.

The PSC members are not employees, they are volunteers. However, PSC members may claim $100 per meeting or a total of CI$500 per month should there be five meetings or more in a particular month.  To date this has not been claimed.

Where the Governor would like the PSC to reconsider its advice on a particular matter, they may refer that matter back to the body of the PSC.

All PSC members are appointed by the Governor in writing, acting after consultation with the Premier and the Leader of the Opposition.

The PSC may be contacted through the Secretariat in the following ways:

Phone: + 1 (345) 916-7917    


Physical Address: RBC Building, 4th Floor

24 Shedden Road, George Town Cayman Islands                                      

Mailing Address: P.O Box 909 KY1-1103