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The PSC may be contacted through the Secretariat in the following ways:

Phone: + 1 (345) 916-7917    


Physical Address: RBC Building, 4th Floor

24 Shedden Road, George Town Cayman Islands                                      

Mailing Address: P.O Box 909 KY1-1103

The Police Service Commission in an independent governance body established under section 58A of the Cayman Islands Constitution (Amendment) Order 2020 (“the Order”). The PSC is to ensure the maintenance of public confidence by aiming to contribute to making the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) an efficient and modern police service.

The functions of the PSC are as follows:

  • To make recommendations to the Governor on appointments to senior offices in the police service.
  • To make recommendations to the Governor on the removal and disciplinary control over persons holding or acting in such offices.
  • To strengthen the accountability of The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service to ensure public confidence is maintained.


The PSC must consist of six members including the Governor as Chair, at least three members of whom shall be experienced in matters of the police, law enforcement, the criminal law or other matters related to national security.

All PSC members are appointed by the Governor in writing, acting after consultation with the Premier and the Leader of the Opposition.

The PSC members are not employees, they are volunteers. However, PSC members may claim $100 per meeting or a total of CI$500 per month should there be five meetings or more in a particular month.  To date this has not been claimed.

No. As outlined in the Cayman Islands Constitution (Amendment) Order 2020, the PSC shall not be subject to the direction or control of any other person or authority.

The office of a member of the Police Service Commission (other than the Governor) shall become vacant—

  • At the expiration of five years from the date of their appointment or such earlier time as may be specified in the instrument by which they were appointed;
  • If they resign office by writing under their hand addressed to and received by the Governor;
  • If they become a member of, or a candidate for election to, the Parliament; or
  • If the Governor, acting in their discretion, directs that a PSC member shall be removed from office for inability to discharge the functions of that office (whether arising from infirmity of body or mind or any other cause) or for misbehaviour.


If you have a concern regarding the behaviour of a PSC member as it pertains to their role on the Police Service Commission, those concerns can be directed in writing to the Governor of the Cayman Islands.

The Governor is not required to accept the advice of the PSC if they determine that compliance with the PSC's advice would prejudice Her Majesty’s service.

Where the Governor would like the PSC to reconsider its advice on a particular matter, they may refer that matter back to the body of the PSC.

The PSC receives administrative, research, policy, strategic, and other support from the public officer who is the Manager of the Police Service Commission’s Secretariat. The PSC Secretariat falls under the purview of both the Office of the Governor and the Portfolio of the Civil Service.

The PSC will meet a minimum of twice per year. Additional meetings will be called by the Chair where it is considered necessary to allow the effective discharge of the PSC’s responsibilities.

Meetings are not open to the public, however, minutes of the meetings are posted to our website once confirmed.

Complaints against a police officer can be made at a local police station or filed directly to the Ombudsman’s office.